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Interesting Links That I Have Found

Hello. I'm Jonathan Guthrie and these are some interesting links that I've found or been told about.

The Links

My Blog

I started a blog. Who knows if I'll keep updating it. Update: I do update it, from time to time


I've had my ham radio license for decades now, and I have a page just for that part of my life and I also have A set of interesting links that are more ham-related.

Programming Links

I'm a programmer by trade, so one would expect me to have lots of high-quality links to programming sites. One would be disappointed. Be advised that I am a C and C++ programmer primarily, and what I like doing are low-level parlor tricks.

The Atom functional embedded programming language
Wikipedia article on the Atom programming language
Lee Pike's Article on Atom
Atom announcement for Arch Linux
Securing Java has a lot of things to say about security
Documentation for the python interface to Apache's CouchDB
Web Frameworks for Python
Google App Engine
Udacity has programming courses available for free
The dojo toolkit is a JavaScript library for constructing browser-based applications
Review Board is a free code review system in PHP
Top 10 Programming Fonts from HiveLogic
Open Source Flash Projects with links to thigs like development tools that work under Linux. SWFTools is one project they link to
An article on using the SIMH emulator to program a PDP-11 Which is cool if you're into fiddling about with ancient computers. I wish I had time to mess with this sort of thing.
Appel's Modern Compiler Implementation I have the C version of this and I like it although I don't think garbage collection is as useful as he does. You just as well face the fact that resource management is something programmers have to do.
Debugging techniques for WSGI
simavr is a software simulator of various AVR Processors
An article about AVR Dragons at uCHobby
How to transition from Fortran-77 to Fortran-90
The Wikipedia entry on Boyer-Moore string searching
This page has a description of a variety of string searching algorithms including Boyer-Moore
Charles Petzold, who wrote the book on Windows Programming, unloads on Visual Studio
I didn't know that had an API
Two links for using Gtk in Lisp: Lambda-GTK and lgtk
GClisp is a Lisp IDE.
CLISP has links to a bunch of Common Lisp Resources
Scripting with Scaleable Vector Graphics Of course, you know that SVG images are just XML and, at least in a browser, the XML being displayed can be manipulated by javascript simply by updating the Document Object Model
Classic Books available from the ACM I mention Codd's book on relational databases specifically
Charles Moore (the inventor of FORTH) on computer programming.
The essays in Joel Spolsky's Best Software Writing I
Processing Processing is an article about Processing which is a computer program language.
Glade for Win32
why coding standards should focus on making wrong code look wrong and why that isn't necessarily easy or obvious.
The Xapian project is all about probabilistic information retrieval
Tutorial for the Icon programming language
A lot of information about Fortran
channel is a library for doing asynchronous concurrency in C++
pxlib can read and write Paradox files
clip is a free XBase/Clipper compiler
Python Magazine
LLVM tutorial (LLVM is a toolkit for building compilers.
If you're going to do XML processing in Python, you need to learn about Elements and Element Trees. You should also check out the overview. If you have any questions, they might be answered by the Python XML FAQ or you might have to read some other documentation or even check out a mailing list archive post on the subject.
Big Online Book of Linux Ada Programming
The Aardappel Programming Language
The ToonTalk Programming Language
Links to computing papers
Microprocessor Resources from DDJ, also especially Tools, Interface Standards, and Manuals
CORBA's protocol is IIOP
You can get WYLBUR here
Formatting data in C++ streams
On line programming contest
The Common Lisp WikiBook
The Lisp Curse or, how the old saying "When you've seen one FORTH, you've seen one FORTH" applies to LISP programming.
The Bipolar Lisp Programmer. If you can ignore the BS about how Lisp rules universally while C sucks universally, it's got some good points about one of the sorts of people who do a lot of programming.
Shen is a functional programming langauge written on top of Common Lisp by the guy who wrote the Bipolar Lisp Programmer blog post.

Aeronautical Software

I'm an aeronautical engineer by training, and I have this fantasy of someday actually doing it for real.

Elmer is a finite-element system that the Linux Journal Article about it points out is packaged for Debian.
Innovative Applications of CFD has free CFD stuff
E. F. Charlton's thesis on Octree Generation is broken because the server it's supposedly on is down and I don't have an updated link for it.
Public Domain Aeronautical Software is a CD-ROM with a bunch of software and data on it which may be of interest to persons of a particular bent. It includes this standard atmosphere table
This link is supposedly to some CFD software, but the server isn't responding right now
ADFC incompressible viscous flow solver
DUNS (Diagonalized Upwind Navier-Stokes is a 2D/3D flow solver for viscous flows, but it's not clear to me if it's for compressible flows
OpenFlower is an incompressible viscous 3D flow solver
OpenFVM is another 3D flow solver
Fluidity is a 3D viscous incompressible flow solver
Mesh Viewer is, well, a mesh viewer. When I first started looking at Computational Fluid Dynamics a few years ago, I was confused because when I had last done it, it was in the 1980's and non-rectangular grids had just been invented, and now everybody's doing these triangular meshes and the techniques are all around generating and viewing the meshes.
Tryphon is an open-source solver that doesn't do a whole lot right now, just incompressible inviscid flows
Wikipedia link to Computational Fluid Dynamics
The Gerris Flow Solver is another Computational Fluid Dynamics system
Vertical Axis Wind Turbines that employ lift are called Darrieus Type Wind Turbines and are also called giromills.
Vulcan is a viscous flow solver that was developed at NASA
CFD Links at the Oklahoma State University
CFD Online has links to computational fluid dynamics software, including one to OpenFOAM which has now been forked by Free FOAM
I found this link to the deep space subroutine after I searched for "restricted four body solution resonating satellites".
I also found some satellite tracking information from NORAD and the AIAA
ISAAC Viscous/Inviscid Compressible Flow Solver
CFD Review has links and articles of interest to those who are interested in Computational Fluid Dynamics
The OpenFOAM CFD system has been forked by Free FOAM

Surface Mount Soldering Links

SparkFun Electronics Surface Mount Soldering Tutorial
Surface mount soldering in depth at Hack a Day
Surface Mount Soldering 101 at Curious Inventor

"Alternative" Energy and BioFuels

Algae Geek has all kinds of information about growing algae. Now, if I could just figure out why.
Making solar panels from broken solar cells.Includes links to sources for the broken cells
Andrew Delano's PhD thesis analyzing the thermodynamics of absorption chillers

Maker's Information

otherfab has a desktop CNC mill
How to Build your Everything Really Really Fast is a bunch of practical advice (with links!) from Team Test Bot which is apparently an MIT person or persons. He doesn't understand that the pound is a unit of force, not a unit of mass, which, in the FPS, is the slug.
Alexander Slocum's Fundamentals of Design one of of the links from the "How to Build your Everything Really Really Fast" instructable.
A Heat Sink Temperature Calculator
proto labs does injection molding with fast turn around for small production runs
I Heart Robotics is a blog with info about making things including evaluating fasteners for fused filament parts
Calculate the concrete needed for various shapes
Calculations! Get your calculations here!
Circuit Lab has on-line schematic capture and circuit simulation

Supplies for Making Stuff

Makeblock has aluminum parts that can be used to make robots or whatever has metal (and plastics!) for sale on-line.
The LushOne is a modular synthesizer kit
I Heart Engineering is a store that sells some really cool items. Including these awesome scissors
A Quick CNC has CNC stuff including what they call the CNC Building Blocks.
My DIY CNC has CNC plans, kits, and assembled systems
Inventables has a variety of things including Linear bearings and CNC Mill Kits(WOOT!)
The BeagleBone appears to be like the old "Make Controller" only cheaper
MakerBot Industries has 3-d printers and, more importantly for my purposes, components for those printers has T-Slot tracks for making things with has hardware for making small structures
MicroRAX Has 10mm T-Slot beams and such, for making small structures
Hobby Engineering has robot parts and such
Micro Mark bills themselves as small tool specialists with lots of stuff for making models and other things.
Smooth On has all kinds of stuff for making molds and molding various materials
Bare Metal Foil Company has a variety of material for making molded parts, including metal foil decals
Spark Fun Electronics
Skylighter has pyrotechnic (that is "fireworks") making supplies for sale
Graf & Sons has reloading supplies, including black powder
Cannon Fuse has fireworks making supplies has a variety of common chemicals available for sale.
BeagleBoard has an embedded hardware platform based on Linux.
Ponoko bills itself as "the world's easiestmaking system". We shall see allows you to design and automatically produce machined parts like gears and custom parts
Rotometals has all kinds of nonferrous metals for sale
NerdKits has practical electrical knowledge
Soekris Engineering has some really cool and moderately-priced hardware for building network devices
Routerboard has some really cool SBC's with lots of ethernet ports.
Logic Supply sells low power small form-factor computers suitable for a variety of things
EMAC,inc has computers for embedded device control
Adafruit Industries has kits and such for doing cool things
Element 14 appears to be a "community" (how dull) for people who do tech stuff. They sell the RaspberriPi SBC which is also RS in the UK No schematics or Gerber files, though.
How to do GPIO with an Raspberry-PI
KNJN LLC has a bunch of FPGA development products available in single quantity. Including some that are very inexpensive
A place where you can learn about doing FPGA's for fun
One last thing about FPGA's (for now, anyway) which is this link to FPGA Boards and systems but the place where I got it says that the list isn't cleaned up very often.
The Rascal Micro is a small computer that has Arduino-compatable pins, but is an ARM running Linux

Instructions for Making Stuff

How to cast small plastic parts from machined or printed positives with LOTS of information about material selection. From the Maker Blog article
DIY Laser Cutter for Making Stencils
DA PIMP - Power In My Pocket is a battery test/desulfator/charger available as a kit or assembled
THINGIVERSE is a place to get designs for your 3-d printer
An article on small-scale fabrication from Free Software Magazine
Information about Xenon Strobes
A project to make conductive ink
Splicing wire the right way
Freeman Manufacturing & Supply Company has videos about the making of molds and cast plastic and composite parts in addition to the stuff required to make molds and cast parts
TK560 has information about making movie and TV prop replicas using a variety of techniques
A comparison of a variety of mini mills, all of which come from the same factory in China
Lifehacker shows how to make your own bacon salt
How to do DIY bookbinding
A snap-together CNC Milling Machine
How to make a high quality dance pad for DDR and the like.
How to make piezoelectric crystals
Honest - all I ever wanted to do was make some stuff
This guy describes how he made a one-bit core memory
More on how magnetic core memory works
Atomic Zombie has bicycle plans for sale
The Wordworks Library has a bunch of freely-available ebooks about woodworking and carpentry
How to make an Air Hockey table Instructable
Making things with molten metal it doesn't get any better than that.
how to install flooring
How to prepare Eagle (schematic) files for manufacture
Turn an EAGLE schematic into a PCB
Chemical etchants for making printed circuit boards
Tom Gootee's method of using toner transfer to make printed circuit boards

Model Rocket Links

Rockets "R" Us has rocketry supplies including experimental supplies
Texas Rockety Supply has rocket parts and is local to me
Rocket Motor Parts is a source for all things EX
Fliskits has some unusual rocket kits
Squirrel Works sells model rocket kits
LOC Precision sells both high and low power rocket kits and parts
Public Missles, Ltd. sells high power rocket kits and parts
Lawndart is model rocket simulation software for Linux (Not been updated in a while), has a wide selection of model rockets, model rocket engines and other accessories for enthusiasts of all skill levels.
A2Z Hobbies has rocket stuff including Aerotech parts and such
Semroc Astronautics has a bunch of stuff like rocket parts including bundles for the parts for out of print kits like the Estes 1277 Icarus
Hangar 11 Hobbies has a variety of rocket stuff, including AeroTech reloads
Discount Rocketry has rocket parts, engines, kits, and accessories
Aerospace Specialty Products has rocket kits and parts. It's all good stuff.
Hobbylinc Hobbies has a variety of things, including model rockets and reloadable motors
Value Rockets is a store with mid-scale composite motors direct from AeroTech
Brittain Fraley's Rocketry Site has tips, techniques, links, etc.
Green Monkey Aerospace has research casings and such for 13mm, 18mm, and 24mm motor mount tubes
The John Coker's Rocketry Site has a bunch of information including a bunch of HOW-TO's and some information about building high-power rocket kits. I wish I'd known the kit stuff before I bought my first high power rocket kit.
Aerocon systems has a lot of cool aerospace parts and equipment for people who like such things.
The Digital Amateur Rocket Tracking System pages have a lot of interesting stuff including stuff about RADAR and microwave radio.

Aeronautical Links

SkyVector has on-line aeronautical charts and flight planning software.
FlyWay was free flight planning software
Free Handbooks and Manuals from the FAA
"PilotFriend" General Aviation Portal pilot resources and aviation weather for general aviation

Links about writing (prose)

About a Scrivener replacement for Linux
Oh, and scrivener is a writing program for Mac OS X
Zim is a Desktop Wiki that is mentioned on the Scrivener for Linux page above

Links about Windows

I run Linux on as many computers as possible, but I still can't escape Microsoft Windows. These links can help with that.

Microsoft Security Essentials 'nuff said
how to use ProduKey to recover Windows and Microsoft Office product keys from broken computers
Autoruns for Windows will tell you what automatically starts at boot. This should help you get rid of all the crap that the PC manufacturers foist on you
Belarc's Free Personal PC Audit supposedly does the same thing
How to install GNU emacs under Windows

Linux Links

LXC is an operating system-level virtualization method and this is it's HOWTO
Knoppix, a Linux live CD based on Debian
VariCAD is a commercial CAD program for Linux
How to turn a Linux computer into an answering machine article on setting up international character support
The (Linux) SystemRescueCd article on tools to help you learn Japanese
Link to an Erlang Book
The Linux Journal is on in the "#linuxjournal" channel article about debconf
Nine things you should know about the Nautilus File Manager

Hobby Links

How to outfit yourself if you want to get into astronomy as a hobby (telescopes, binoculars, mounts, eyepieces, finders, etc.)
Advice about avoiding light pollution for the hobbyist astronomer
Maker Hangar is a series about making and flying a radio control airplane
New Horizons Music is an adult band for all skill levels
Link to Small Wonder Labs producers of the Rockmite crystal-controlled QRPP transceiver. Of course the SW+ series is probably a better choice for beginners due to the higher power (2.5 W WOW!)
EI8IC's Ham Radio Antenna Links
An Anemometer from inspeed would be a cool thing to have at a rocket launch
The NB6M Miniboots which is a 5 watt linear amplifier for a QRP radio.
The "QRP Gallon" amplifier at KD7REM's site
KD7REM's QRP stuff
The DMOZ directory of ham homebrewing has a lot of really useful information about building radio communications gear.

Uncategorized (as of yet) Links

Make your life easier
The Truth Wears Off an article in The New Yorker on a scientific phenomenon called the "Decline Effect".
How to Google
Radar map of the entire United States
A wind map of the United States
Stellarium is a free open-source planetarium
Celestia is a free space simualtion
The best twitter apps for 2011, including Linux, OSX and Windows
Wiki Matrix has a wizard to help you select with wiki software to use.
This site has information and code to make computer-generated holograms.
These folks are a machine shop and contract manufacturing quote Web site.
A list of the best rock instrumentals ever
Monkeysphere is an effort to create a web of trust for Web site certificates
Great Circle Mapper draws maps of great circle routes between airports
Lois McMaster Bujold's Blog
There I Fixed It has "epic kludges and jury rigs", and boy do they ever
Larry J. Guthrie's Genealogy Page has a link to a book of Guthries with my grandfather in it has information about many drugs including their side effects and their interactions
Plans for foam radio control airplanes The foam is often depron
How to set a cleaning schedule. 15 minute rule?
Handling a call from a suicidal person
Text files top 100
The BBS documentary
A book about text adventures
Text files main menu
How to make a USB key boot DOS
Cardamation Company sells punch cards
OOOOOH Phidgets! USB Devices for data collection and device control
Free On-Line Business Courses is a Blacksmithing and Metalworkers Reference for Blacksmiths
The buzztard project is a synthesizer.
The W3C Markup Validation Service
How to make a fire with basic Bow-Drill Technique
Key elements to getting started in social media
The 7 secrets of social media
How to multiplex SSH sessions on a single connection
Article about Tiki Bar TV I find it interesting mostly because of the thing it says about productization
Run your own OpenID Identity Server
Michael Crichton talking about environmentalism as a religion.
How to remove crayon stains
I thought that Gpremacy might be an interesting game to look at, but now it appears to be a dead project. Mono/Gtk#, ugh!
DAS or Direct-Attached Storage is available at PC-Pit Stop
PSYCed has been proposed as a replacement of IRC I think they're solving the wrong problem, myself
QFE is a FidoNet message editor
Free maps and GIS data
Clay Shirky ROCKS! Here's his article on Weblogs and Mass Amateurization of Publishing and here's an article on Situated Software which is software that is supposed to only server a small niche or group of users and isn't intended to scale or have broad applicability. Here is an article on Permanet, Nearlynet, and Wireless Data which discusses why 100% coverage isn't necessarily what you want to shoot for. Here's how to improve a meetings and conference calls using in-room-chat. One of his articles referenced this article on why a completely free and open society isn't likely to work although Clay Shirky points out in other work that the organizing might not need an organization to enforce the rules. I find this stuff very thought-provoking.
RocketBoom was recommended to me by a coworker, but I don't think I get it
MoBuzzTV was also recommended, but doesn't appear to be available any more
You can request a Credit report here
The CwMtx library for matric, vector, and quaternion math I don't exactly know what quaternion math is, but it sounds cool.
Computational Linguistics Toolkit
Don Lancaster was a maker before makers were cool
A blog entry about Bob Herbold's The Fiefdom Syndrome
A couple of links from Joel Spolsky First, why you want to to hire the best programmers. Next, Paul Graham has some interesting ideas including an article on how to survive high school
Greylisting entry in Tollef Fog Heen's Blog
Evan Harris's paper which is where Greylisting comes from
Bram Cohen has an interesting blog
How does their mail filtering which should be the model for how everybody does it
introduction to graph theory
The 1394 Trade Association has a bunch of information about FireWire
The USGS has Lot of publications about map projections
An article about AVG Anti-Virus
A web page where you can calculate a mode line for XFree86 which is something that, if you need, you need real bad. The modeline I needed was Modeline "1280x800@0" 0.00 1280 1312 1312 1344 800 820 820 841
How Kerberos was designed at MIT
The Kerberos FAQ
A paper given on Kerberos to Usenix in 1988
The source of all things Kerberos
RFC 1510 is the spec for Kerberos Version 5
An introduction to the guts of how ASN.1 works
Alan Yates is interested in homebrew radio and home foundry
Configuring FreeBSD to be an IPv6 gateway.
geolog is a Perl script to do geocaching stuff
BSD Empire is a hugely addictive client/server game
Papyrus is an XML-based report generating language for PostgreSQL and MySQL
The robotic game called "botball" is Not just for kids
The KISS Institute for Practical Robotics
Escapa is an addictive Flash game
Debco Electronics and Computers has a bunch of interesting parts and kits and such.
Jameco Electronics has a Robot Store
The OrcBord has open-source embedded controller hardware
Travel by GPS has a bunch of interesting applications for GPS technology including Maps and GPS-based tours
Develop an elevator pitch to ace a job interiew
Linksys information site
I have a Linksys WRT54GL with DD-WRT firmware
QRP World has a Milliwatt CD
NoMachine NX is a fast terminal server and desktop virtualization system
I got a Linksys Wireless LAN card from WOOT! that uses this driver under Linux.
Diet Monger Ass Kicker has information for designing diets to your specifications.
Cricket Explained from an American Viewpoint
A small server device
Cepstral text to speech
Eating "Healthy" Fast Food
These people are home metalworking enthusiasts in Houston.
Video from a WC-130J penetrating the eyewall of Hurricane Felix 2007
Notification of Garb Violation
UNIX Version 7 to the x86
Antivirus links: ESET and Avira
The Democracy Game
OBD-II interface
Robot Power motor and motion control solutions
An article on a home library system
Micro Loan Web Sites: Kiva Prosper Lending Club MicroPlace Opportunity International Pro Muje
When on a diet, it might be useful to know the meaning of cravings
What High Dynamic Range Imaging Is
High Dynamic Range Imaging group on Flickr
How to get started with Solaris
Freeware Games Link
The history of Active Directory
Tarpitting with Postfix
How to make an aerogel as a high school science fair project
You can get a free credit report from the FTC
Re-upholstery 101
The twelve types of advertisements
I can get the Rear Door Assembly of my HP LaserJet 4+/4M+here
CFD and chaos links
A link to building your own CNC machine that I found in the Maker blog.
Reinforcement learning is an artificial intelligence technique.
Make Magazine's Under $20 gift guide for 2008
Beancounter is a stock performance data gathering and analysis program
The North Texas Battle Group
Universal Software Radio Peripheral part of the Gnu Radio Project
Information about Postgres
Bleeding Edge Threats
How to Suceed at Any Home Improvement Project
Article Skeptical of the Notion that there is an Anthropogenic Global Climate Change Crisis
How To Build Simple Floating Shelves
Mobile Ham Radio Site
Cool Site that Sells Electronic Stuff
Gopher Link
Mini-ITX hardware Wireless Router Application Platform and the more up-to-date ALIX Soekris Engineering source of embedded hardware Thinlinx tiny PC hardware
Optical Disk Repair Place
Best Video Cards for the Money -- December 2008 Edition
James Lilek's Humorous Stuff
James Lilek's Institute of Official Cheer
Mental Health Links: Mood Gym and Blue Pages
The Radio Shack HTX-10 appears to be similar or identical to the Albrect AE 485S also here
These folks have a CTCSS board
Free Foreign (if you're an American English Speaker, that is) language courses
6-meter J-Pole Antenna although I'm no longer much of a fan of J-Poles I found several links to them including Here. Also look for the cactus multiband J-Pole.
Business Advice (a happy worker is a productive Worker)
Unofficial DEB sites: Debian Unofficial and Debian Multimedia
KVM X86 Virtualization FAQ
Wireless Galaxy is a place to get cell phones.
Linux PVR/DVR DVB and other interesting links: Myth TV Myth TV Wiki MPEG-2 information and the Satellite TV forums where is is good to look for the keywords "dvb nagravision echostar" because echostar (Dish Network) uses the Nagravision system, with a CAM (Conditional (Access Module) which decrypts the signal based upon the smart card.
How to use SMB shares with autofs
I want an A.G. Bear
The DBMail Projectwhich is how email stores should work.
Article on AFSwhich is a network file system protocol that is more secure than NFS.
Hobbyist CNC page
Several people have built jet engines. This guy built one from salvaged auto parts and this page has links to a variety of engine projects.
Fuel Cells made from adhesive bandages and, well, a fuel cell
Wikipedia article on the Shannon-Hartley theorem which about the data capacity of a noisy data channel.
Free antivirus Ask Slashdot
Fire and Metal arts training
How to not reset the robostix on power up
RF Parts Company has ham radio gear
How an S-Meter is supposed to work
Game Tap is a place to buy PC, Arcade, and Console Games
The Dallas Personal Robotics Group is a Dallas-area robotics club which I saw at FenCon
Houston Robotics
The Society for Houston Area Robotics Projects
David Cook's Robot Room has a Lot of Links
William Briggs, PhD
Dr. Melissa Clouthier
Primary Reason
Michelle Malkin
Twisted Spinster
Monty Pelerin's World
The Ace of Spades Blog
Smilies for The Ace of Spades Blog
Olavo de Carvalho
Rachel Lucas has a blog
50 conservative rock and roll songs.
50 more conservative rock and roll songs.
Science Tarot
A discussion of some books about music theory
More book discussion
Links to some awesome music
A link to a discussion about programming books
A voice coach critiques several heavy metal singers
Links to J-Mag's posts on the Poet Sanctuary (requires login)
Butterscotch pudding recipe
Webmachine decision flowchart
Microsimulation of Road Traffic Flow
Maker blog entry on making paper fire resistant with boron salts
Maker blog entry on OpenPCR shipping worldwide
Maker blog on crafty cable-dyeing tricks
Dyeing cable using PVC stain
Preparing custom PVC stain
Daily Writing Tips: Five Reasons Why Your Writing Matters
Open Source Flash Light Ummm, wow.
Making LED Art with the Aurora 9x18 RGB LED
Linguistic Register and Code Switching which is about voice and mood in writing for publication
Google+ Hangouts
Not Exactly Rocket Science may be a blog. I don't know
An image of a metaphor
beauty in nature
How to write a press release
an introduction to materials in blender
How to get rid of roaches
Entropy Gradient Reversals: The Rise of the Stupid Network
The Scout open source security system has posts on rolling your own crowdfunding site part 1 and part 2

Links I want to look at soon

Hungarian Shelves
Buying Eyeglasses On Line
Periodic Table of Typefaces
Amyris Biotechnology
How to install a PXE server to serve multiple images under Ubuntu Linux
How to rid yourself of fruit flies
Help a Reporter Out

Tom Eaton's Book of Marvels
The paper

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