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Hello from darkest Houston. I am Jonathan Guthrie, and I work for a local computer company in Tomball, TX. I got that job after I got laid off from Mezeo Software, which used to be called Simdesk Technologies. I used to work for Additech, Inc., IBS, the Daydream Associates, and Blue Streak Data Systems as well, but I left Additech behind after IBS went under and the rest of those just sort of faded into the sunset. My main mailing address is jguthrie@brokersys.com

I do OS/2 and Unix device drivers, embedded systems, multitasking executives, compilers, and so forth as part of and in addition to my work at IBS. I have several files (credited to "Jon Guthrie") in the late Bob Stout's SNIPPETS.

I've also gone by "Jon Guthrie" and, so-called by people who can't spell "John Guthrie", and I mostly grew up on Ohio, but I used to live on Larston Street in Houston, Texas. I graduated from Olentangy High School (when there was only the one K-12 school in the entire district) in 1983 and got a BS in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Ohio State in 1987. I also went to graduate school at Iowa State, but the less said about that disastrous experience, the better.

I do model rockets. Here's a picture of me and my big rocket.

I like to go to Science Fiction Conventions, and have for years. (I wanted to put a link there, but a quick search didn't find one that seemed to be a general introduction to SF cons, so you're on your own.) In fact, I met my ex-wife, J-Mag, (what was her real name) at Marcon. I have been on the Con Committee for DemiCon 1 (although I didn't get to attend the actual convention as I moved back to Ohio before it happend) and ConText 3. My wife and I were both on the committees for ApolloCon 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013. We ran the con suite together the first three of those years, and then I did operations and logistics. Then, committee chair for a couple of years. I'm scaling back my ApolloCon activities for 2014, and as of 2016, ApolloCon has gone the way of the four winds.

I am also a board member of ALAMO and I wound up as the secretary. How, I can't imagine. I was the registrar and treasurer for InstaCon 9 and I help out with other things as I can.

I also do amateur radio, and I've had the call sign KA8KPN since 1980. That means that as of June 2005, I am eligible for the QCWA. (Wow! I thought the QCWA was only for old people!) I have another Web page for that.

I'm proud of being sigquoted. In particular, I'm proud of this one, but the one on this page is more widely quoted.

Jonathan Guthrie is a fine name, and others have thought so, too. I share my name with several other people who aren't me. I am not the Financial Times columnist nor am I the Chief Executive of MGt Plc, the Tennessee Lawyer (who is actually "Robert Jonathan Guthrie", which is weird for me because my middle name is "Robert",) the New Zealand captain of industry (or maybe just a Web designer), the fellow who used to be the Middle School Principal in South Carolina, the fellow at Purdue University, the Australian Musician and Composer, or the English footballer. I don't run (although I have been known to walk quickly,) bicycle, or play tennis. I've never been a referee. If it's involved with sports, it's probably not me, although I sometimes go to baseball games with my wife.

By the way, if you have links for any of those people or if you're name is Jonathan Guthrie (or some variation thereof) and you'd like to be added to the list, just drop me an email. See the address above.

If you want to write to me privately, my PGP key is here.
To see one of my first Java applets, try this.

To see another, try Blackbox.